Stage.upload_folder(local_path: str | PathLike[str], stage_path: str | PathLike[str], *, overwrite: bool = False, recursive: bool = True, include_root: bool = False, ignore: str | PathLike[str] | List[str | PathLike[str]] | None = None) StageObject

Upload a folder recursively.

Only the contents of the folder are uploaded. To include the folder name itself in the target path use include_root=True.

  • local_path (Path or str) – Local directory to upload

  • stage_path (Path or str) – Path of stage folder to upload to

  • overwrite (bool, optional) – If a file already exists, should it be overwritten?

  • recursive (bool, optional) – Should nested folders be uploaded?

  • include_root (bool, optional) – Should the local root folder itself be uploaded as the top folder?

  • ignore (Path or str or List[Path] or List[str], optional) – Glob patterns of files to ignore, for example, ‘**/.pyc` will ignore all ‘.pyc’ files in the directory tree